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About Jacqueline


My awareness of the harmful chemicals, waste and unethical practices in the cosmetic industry go hand in hand with my passion to help women feel beautiful in their skin; bare or made up.

Makeup as my medium is an art form, however when I think of beauty, I don't think of makeup, I think of love, kindness and awareness. My beauty services are my way of shaking up the beauty industry and providing women with the tools they need to contribute to change for themselves, our environment and the women they love and inspire.

xo Jacqueline Parker


Why Natural?

For the planet

Mindless sourcing, packaging and ingredients are quickly causing detrimental effects to our environment. 

Large companies must meet high demand, so they are sourcing large quantities of ingredients quickly. This means they are using more pesticides, exploiting human rights and disrupting our eco systems & depleting non renewable resources. If sourcing was done sustainably, these farming and mining practices would not damage our environment. 

Plastic and non degradable packaging is thrown out in mass quantities every single day. This waste is piling up on our earth, and is even finding its way into our waters. Most cosmetic companies use much more plastic, wrapping, labels and boxes than necessary as a marketing tactic. 

Toxic ingredients are being flushed into our water systems every time you wash your face, shower and brush your teeth. Many of these ingredients are incapable of breaking down. This is not only hazardous to aquatic life, but it also transfers into our earths water cycle ( vaporizes, re accumulates in clouds, then rains toxicity onto our soil).

By purchasing natural products from smaller local businesses, you can feel good about ethical sourcing, sustainable and reusable packaging as well as conscious and safe ingredients for our waters and soil. 

For the animals

"Each year, more than 100 million animals—including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds—are killed in U.S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing." - PETA. 

This animal testing includes burning, crippling, poisioning and abuse, all in the name of beauty? In my opinion, this is all the information you need to know to understand why animal testing is NOT ok.

My physical beauty will not thrive at the cost of an animals life. This is why Beauty Reawakened will always exclusively use cruelty free makeup products. 

For the People

Studies show that 60% of everything that touches our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream within minutes. Think about every product you use in a day, Do you know what is inside of those concoctions? I bet you never really though about it. 

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients found in your favourite face cream, lipsticks and perfumes are in fact toxins, allergens or carcinogens. Going natural means you are eliminating ingredients that are contributing to health problems, reproductive complications, acne and allergic reaction. 

Switching to natural cosmetics is typically the last thing most women think about when choosing healthier lifestyle options. Why? because it is the most daunting and difficult tasks of all. "Where can I find products that actually work?", "...but I have always used this face cream...its all i've ever known", "Your right, I have no idea what is inside my products". It really dosnt have to be difficult anymore. With new technology, research and resources, natural cosmetics are more effective, more colorful and healthier than ever. And luckily for you, I have already done most of the hard work.

Imagine making healthier choices for yourself without compromising the fun, playful and effective side of cosmetics. 

My Style


My goal is to enhance your beauty, naturally.

With years of experience in film, fashion and beauty, I found expertise in natural, enhancing makeup application. 

At Beauty Reawakened, I always begin with skin, as I believe it is the foundation of physical beauty. Once the skin under looking fresh, moisturized and glowing, it is then time to apply makeup. 

I use quite a light touch when applying makeup. Many of my clients even comment how relaxing the experience is and that they could fall asleep. I approach makeup services with a soft application and then proceed to build for a darker, more dramatic look. 

I am happy to take photo inspiration and use elements that I believe will enhance your look, however I never guarantee that my clients will look exactly as the photo, because quite frankly...they are not the woman in the photo. I also love creating a makeup look that I feel will suit my client based on her colouring and desired outcome.



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Having Jacqueline do my wedding makeup and hair was purely and truly wonderful. Jacqueline was a huge part of my enjoyment of my whole wedding experience. Not only did she make me look stunning, more importantly, she made me feel calm and centered and cared for during the biggest day in my life.
— Nicole - Bride