Our Style


Our goal is to enhance your beauty, naturally.

With years of experience in film, fashion and beauty, Jacqueline found expertise in natural, enhancing makeup application. 

At Beauty Reawakened, we always begin with skin, as we believe it is the foundation of physical beauty. Once the skin under control, moisturized and glowing, it is then time to apply makeup. 

Our artists have quite a light touch when applying makeup. Many of our clients even comment how relaxing the experience is and that they could fall asleep. We approach makeup services with a soft application and then proceed to build for a darker, more dramatic look. 

We are happy to take photo inspiration and use elements that we believe will enhance your look, however We never guarantee that our clients will look exactly as the photo does, because quite frankly...they are not the woman in the photo. We also love creating a makeup look that we feel will suit our client based on her coloring and desired outcome.