Bridal Services


{ HERE COMES THE}: eco-friendly, naturally beautiful bride

For the Bride

1. Choose a {Trial} 
- Bridal makeup trial
- Bridal hair trial
- Bridal makeup & hair trial

2. Choose a {Single Services} 
- Bridal makeup service
- Bridal hair service
- Bridal makeup & hair service

Additional cost for false lashes, tattoo cover, touch up services


1. Choose a {Package} 

Bridal Makeup PackageIncludes trial, day of service, lashes and touch up kit
Hair Package - includes trial and day of services
Bridal Makeup & Hair PackageIncludes trials, day of services, lashes and touch up kit. 

For the Bridal Party

1. {Makeup} 
- Bridesmaid  
- Mother/Grandmother
- Flower girl (12 and younger) 

2. {Hair Services} 
- Up-do / Half up
- Down and Styled/ Short hair
- Kids hair (12 and under)

3. {Mens Services} men can get pretty too!
- Hairstyling & Corrective Makeup

Additional cost for tattoo cover and touch up services



Additional Services

1. Return for hair {or} makeup look change
2. Return for hair {and} makeup look change
3. Return for group touch ups Your stylist will return to freshen up the bride and bridal parties hair and makeup looks for a 1 hour time slot. No changes included.
4. Personal Stylist This is an add-on service for a makeup and hair stylist to remain with you and your bridal party for touch-ups and look changes for up to 8 hours on your wedding day

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