Love and Kind words from my Clients


Her name is: Samantha

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Dancer, Journalist and Law Student extraordinaire

Successfully completed her mission to: Completely overhaul her makeup and skincare collection with natural products

I feel so empowered after our session today...I've never felt that *good* after a beauty thing. I love the concept that we don't need to change ourselves!

Her name is: Lisa

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Bullet Proof Coffee Drinker with a contagious laugh. 

Successfully completed her mission to: To look stunning and natural on her wedding day

Jacqueline (with an assistant) did makeup and hair for 7 women on our wedding day. She was a great, calm energy that was really nice to have around on what can be a hectic day. My hair and makeup looked even better than at our trial session. I loved the makeup - my sister said it looked still like me, but just extra glow-ey. The makeup also looked phenomenal in photos - my husband just told me that his coworker said I looked like a supermodel in our wedding photos!

Her name is: Heather 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Conscious Photographer with curls for days and a contagious smile.

Successfully completed her mission to: Find a Makeup Artist to work with all of her unique clients.

Find out more about Heather's Photography

"As a photographer Jacqueline is my go to woman for makeup and beauty services. Not only is she knowledgeable, and talented, she has a great way of connecting with my clients and making them feel at ease.

Everyone we've worked with together has been ecstatic about the makeup look, as well as the toxic free products Jacqueline uses. People don't have to worry about bad reactions to the products, which is a huge benefit to my health conscious client base.

I've been in this business for years now, and I'm so happy to say I've finally found someone I want to be a permanent fixture on my go to team." 

Her name is: Sandy

What makes her uniquely beautiful: An Intuitive Leader who brings like minds together

Successfully completed her mission to: Work with a Makeup Artist that uses clean, conscious cosmetics for her photoshoot

"I was lucky enough to have Jacqueline Parker assist me with my make up before a photoshoot. Not only was she super skilled at intuitively getting just the right look for me, but she also knew exactly what was needed for the photographer. Not something I would have ever been able to do for myself. The fact that she uses conscious and natural products is a must for me, and it is not easy to find someone who will provide this for you. So if you are investing in photography be sure to also make that investment in a skilled make up professional.I would highly recommend Jacqueline for that or any other events where you want to look amazing!"

Her name is: Kathryn 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride with mermaid like locks.

Successfully completed her mission to: Use a Makeup Artist that would accommodate her maid of honor, who prefers to stay away from toxic chemicals

"Jacqueline did a wonderful job doing the makeup on my wedding day for my bridesmaids, Mom and I. Despite having to travel over an hour, she was early and quickly set up so that she could start on time. We all have different skin colours and makeup preferences and she was able to accommodate them with creativity and great skill. We also loved the all-natural products that she used. We were impressed with our make-up results and received many compliments throughout the day. I found her to be friendly, flexible, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. As a result, I highly recommend Jacqueline and will request her for future events."

Her name is: Shanelle

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride with a calm demeanor 

Successfully completed her mission to: Find a Makeup Artist for her wedding day that matched her chemical free lifestyle.

Jacqueline was absolutely wonderful to work with. I was continually out of town and was not too familiar with the beauty department aspect for weddings but she was always patient with me, and communicated through email quickly.
She used all natural products for my bridal makeup and it was fantastic! She completed my vision to a tee.
She is super easy going, friendly and professional. I felt comfortable with her and trusted her not only because of her good nature but her very experienced background. She was willing to travel to the Fraser valley and be there at any time, which was great and she made everything very easy and less stressful! Jacqueline was also patient with my bridesmaids (a huge feat!), as they all had different types of makeup looks they wanted, and different skin tones etc.
I am so happy with my decision to contact Jacqueline, and if I ever wanted to look my absolute best for some event in the future, I would contact her again!

Her name is: Demi 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Gorgeous Grad with a hip style - she has her head on her shoulders.

Successfully completed her mission to: Get glam with her friends and party the night away.

"Jacqueline was so amazing. Myself and a few friends were lucky enough to have her do our makeup from our Grad/Prom. We did a trial with her a few months before the actual event and the day of, she was very flexible and was able to accommodate the four of us even with other girls getting their make up done the same day. Her studio is incredibly cute and charming (with exposed brick which I love), with a comfortable waiting are and there were some delicious snacks the day of grad too. The makeup was outstanding! I brought a photo with me (after changing ideas on her a couple of times - sorry) that was taken off of Pinterest, and after she was done it look exactly the same, if not even better. She uses all organic products which was a plus for me because I have very sensitive skin to harsh chemicals from other makeup products. It looked amazing in photos, lasted the whole night, even with all the sweating from dancing, I got so many compliments on it and I was told I looked gorgeous - all because of Jacqueline! Honestly, she's so amazing and kind and for big days, I'll definitely be going back to her. (P.S. She does hair too!)"

Her name is: Leah

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride that lives on a boat!

Successfully completed her mission to: Learn to do her own makeup for her wedding in Maine.

"Jacqueline was amazing! She spent over an hour teaching me how to use my own makeup to create a "wedding face" and then made suggestions for what other products I might want to buy. She is incredibly talented and patient, and I was so happy to be able to do my own makeup at my (destination) wedding! I would definitely recommend Jacqueline, and will hire her again in the future!"

Her name is: Jennifer

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride that looks glam in any makeup look.

Successfully completed her mission to: Take care of herself, bridesmaids, mother and mother in law on her wedding day

"Very flexible and catered to my every need. Ended up doing 5 makeup applications In a very timely fashion with time to spare. Excellent service and highly recommended"

Her name is: Jaquie 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride and mother of 2 beautiful,talented children

Successfully completed her mission to: Have a calm morning and walk down the aisle looking absolutely stunning.

"Jacqueline is a warm, knowledgeable, lovely, relaxed happy soul. She was very responsive to my requests, did some research beforehand to find a look that she thought I would be happy with, presented these suggestions to me and proceeded to work with me to give me the exact look that I wanted for my wedding day. She was flexible with my arrival time, understanding that my hair appointment ran a bit late, and worked on my makeup expertly, precisely and within my time frame. She was very calming for me in the midst of a hectic day ahead and I enjoyed my appointment with her. Her attention to detail is impeccable! I would recommend Jacqueline for makeup on your next special occasion without hesitation. She did a great job!"                  

Her name is: Elzanne 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Gorgeous Grad who's maturity shines through. 

Successfully completed her mission to:Look flawless for her grad without wearing too much makeup.

"Amazing service with a great personality. Jacqueline understands how to make what you want happen. I would definitely use her again and again."

Her name is: Kimberly 

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Yoga Instructor with a calm, soothing soul.

Successfully completed her mission to: Use toxin free makeup products for her Photo Mantra with Heather Pennell

"Jacqueline was amazing!....I really appreciated the advance questionnaire that gave a glimpse into my make up needs and expectations. It was comforting meeting Jacqueline, as she knew my insecurities, and what I thought as my beauty asset.
The process of transforming my features for our photo shoot was calming, professional and fun. Her smile, her creativity, and soothing presence were a welcoming bonus.
Jacqueline knows her stuff, and she only uses organic and top notch products that you want to use yourself for everyday. I would recommend Jacquelines' services to anyone who wants only the very best!"

Her name is: Larissa

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Makeup Artist who has perfect brows and is highly professional.

Successfully completed her mission to: Find an artist to assist her weddings.

"Jacqueline Parker and I have previously worked together on weddings and graduations. Jacqueline was extremely professional and timely while always making sure to meet the individual needs of each of her clients."

Her name is: Danielle

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Fun loving Dog Groomer with gorgeous skin.

Successfully completed her mission to: Rock a makeup look with a group of dogs that would even keep their doggy licks safe from chemicals.

"Jacqueline was great with my makeup! After a short conversation of what I was looking for, she knew exactly what look I was going for. As a vegan and natural product user, she was able to provide an amazing flawless and natural look that lasted all day. I even had a few wet kisses from a German shepherd and the makeup survived! I would highly recommend this service :)"

Her name is: Melisse

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Mommy of 2 who is Glam, Glam, GLAM.

Successfully completed her mission to: Rock a makeup & hair look that she could not do herself.

"What a truly talented and extremely professional young lady. I have hired Jacqueline to do my makeup more than once, and will continue to use her and recommend her to everyone I know. She was flexible with my tight schedule, catered to my every need and really came through for me in a last minute situation! I am very hard to please and she continues to knock my socks off with her work. Thank you Jacqueline for not only being an incredible makeup artist, but also a wonderful business woman."

Her name is: Bailey

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride with the kindest heart. (She picked me up from the airport in Buffalo New York to get to her wedding!) 

Successfully completed her mission to: Look as naturally beautiful as possible (trust me, this was not hard!)

"Jacqueline is an unbelievable make-up artist! I hired her to do my bridal make-up as well as makeup for 2 of my bridesmaids and my mum. She is professional, fun and extremely talented. During the trial run, she spent a ton of time trying new things with me until I was happy with the look. On the day of, she was up at the crack of dawn with me to do my make-up and made sure everything was absolutely perfect. I appreciated her calm manner, especially on a day that can often be so hectic. If you are looking for a make-up artist, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!"

Her name is: Tomo

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride with a respectful and traditional soul. 

Successfully completed her mission to: Have a calm morning in her hotel room before her wedding. 

"It was nice opportunity for me. I had never worked with a  makeup artist before. Jacqueline was so nice and she did perfect make up for me. Also I was worry about my skin sensitivity for cosmetics, but It was no problem for my skin. I really like her make up work. I would like to use Jacqueline next time I need a makeup artist!!"

Her name is: Danielle

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A Beautiful Bride with a spunky personality. 

Successfully completed her mission to: Relax with her friends and family on the morning of her wedding-in the comfort of her parents home.

"Jacqueline was awesome! I love the make up she did for my wedding and when I wanted to tweak it she had no problem with doing it. She was very professional and prompt. I would use her again in the future and recommend her to friends and family"

Her name is: Shylo

What makes her uniquely beautiful: An Incredible Singer who is pink, bubbly and warm with love.

Successfully completed her mission to: Wear a makeup look that reflects her incredible personality.

"This lady is truly amazing. Her services and attention to detail helped to land me in a spread in a magazine. Not only does she do an amazing job but she is intuitive, determined, and thinks outside the box. And.. to top it all off, she is a gem!"

Her name is: Jennifer

What makes her uniquely beautiful: A creative NYC Portrait Photographer who is accommodating and lovely to work with.

Successfully completed her mission to: photograph her model in 2 different Hair and Makeup looks

"Jacqueline provided hair and makeup for a studio photo shoot, she was a photographer's dream makeup artist to work with! She was on time, friendly, and professional as she put several looks for my model throughout the day, all of which were stunning."

Don't let me forget about my men...

His name is: Nick 

What makes him uniquely handsome: A talented Musician with an impressive head of hair.

Successfully completed his mission to: Look dapper for his photo shoot without looking like he was wearing corrective makeup. 

"I have worked with Jacqueline on multiple occasions. She continues to impress me with her attention to detail and product knowledge. I highly recommend Jacqueline if you are looking for a personable, creative and passionate artist."

His name is: Joel

What makes him uniquely handsome: A Successful Filmmaker whose humor and wit is payment enough.

Successfully completed his mission to: Work with a Makeup Artist that delivers results and has a great personality to mingle with his cast and crew.

"Jacqueline Parker is always my first call when I need a makeup artist. She delivers amazing results and she is not only better than most makeup artists she is is also one of the fastest at the craft. I have used her for beauty makeup, special effects, and natural looking makeup, and she always does an outstanding job. Jacqueline Parker is a pro makeup artist, I highly recommend her work."

More love from my clients...

Jacqueline did my makeup for my wedding and not only was she extremely professional she was absolutely lovely and all my guests loved her. Her calm presence was a nice break amidst the pre-wedding anxiety.
My makeup held through the wedding and into my reception. I would recommend her to everyone!

My niece and maid-of-honour just had their make up consultation with Jacqueline and were so impressed with this beauty service. Jacqueline has a beautiful make up studio that accommodated a group of us, and she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. Jacqueline's expertise and creativeness offered the perfect natural look for each woman. The bride has sensitive skin and Jacqueline was able to offer her with an organic make up option. The bride was thrilled with her make up and excited for her wedding day look. Thank you Jacqueline for taking the time with us. We had fun too.

Extremely professional and talented. Very visual and creative 

Jacqueline had the perfectly friendly but competent touch for our intimate wedding prep time. All the girls were very happy with the results.

Jacqueline was genuinely very nice and friendly, felt very comfortable with her doing my makeup for grad.

Went to Jacqueline for two separate weddings and was more then impressed! I will definitely go back to get for any event


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