Kristine Cofsky

The Portrait Sessions



Portrait Photographer

Kristine Cofsky is a self-taught photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia, with a tendency towards mischievous moment catching, and a deep love for the way the world looks through a lens.

the portrait session


Heather Pennell

Heather Obscura


Photographer,Teacher, Essence Mentor, and Wild Creative

Heather, a Multidisciplinary Teacher, Essence Mentor, and Wild Creative is also a professional photographer with 10+ years of experience working with both big name brands and fresh entrepreneurs. Heather has been studying psychology and self-development tools for just as long. (Who knew that photography and psychology go hand in hand!?)

heather obscura

Pauline Holden

Folk Fotos


Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer

Pauline is a portrait, lifestyle, and elopement photographer based on the Sunshine Coast. Pauline takes photos of folks with a passion for love and the earth & the creatures that inhabit it. She use natural light to create an organic and true-to-the-moment image that you will remember and cherish forever.

folk fotos

Sarah England

Sarah England Photography


Lifestyle, Wedding & Artistic Photographer

Sarah is a self-taught portrait photographer from Vancouver, BC. Every photography work is a piece of artwork, from the pre planning to the lighting and editing.

sarah existential