How to avoid SLS in your cosmetics

What is it?

Go grab your shampoo bottle and tell me what the second or third ingredient is. Did you read: Sodium laureate sulfate (SLS), Sodium lauryl sulfate or Sodium lauryl Ether sulfate?....Pewf, that was a mouthful. 

SLS is a detergent and surface active substance (surfactant) that is inexpensive and very effective. Ever wonder how your flooded the bathroom with foamy bubbles as a child, or how you can lather up your shampoo and turn into Santa Clause in the shower? 

SLS, SLES, ALS and Sodium Pareth Sulfate have powerful cleansing and emulsifying properties.This is beneficial in soap as it breaks up the natural oils found on our skin in turn making it easier to remove and clean. - this is why they are commonly found in our cosmetic products, as they behave similarly to soap. 

Is SLS Dangerous?

SLS is known to cause eye and skin irritation. Remember the "no tears" shampoo? My questions is why should there be tears to begin with? Dry hair and skin is a result of this chemical formula. This detergent is harsh, which is why we need to fork out on hair conditioners (which ironically contain SLS as well), skin lotions, and sometimes prescription cortisone creams.  

Studies show SLS may be contaminated with potentially toxic manufacturing impurities 1,4 dioxane or ethylene dioxane (known human carcinogen) 

So why should I avoid it? 

SLS its self may not be as dangerous as other carcinogenic toxins found in cosmetics, however SLS is not doing your body any good. If you struggle with skin irritationdry skin, red and bumpy skindry & dull hairproblematic facial skin or have a concern for the environment you should be avoiding this ingredient at all cost. SLS will strip the good oils from the skin, leach into your blood stream (along with its contaminants like 1,4 dioxane, which is found in 46% of cosmetic products) 

It is important to be aware of your options and alternatives.  High quality, hand crafted products are made to protect and provide your skin with nurturing ingredients. Remember, your skin is your largest organ. It is extremely porous and will suck in anything you put on it (especially on the top of your head) 

Remember: FOAM does not mean it is cleaning better

What should I use instead? 

During the switching process you may be frustrated thinking the alternative products do not work as well. Yes, most will be milder formulas, but with time your body chemistry will begin accepting these products as normal. It is a body transition like with any substance, our bodies need TIME. Once you break that chemical pattern, make sure to stick to it.

Step 1: Decide if your current products are worth keeping. You may want to use up what you have, if not how about donating it to a local woman's shelter?

Step 2: Look at your ingredient lists! Avoid products that contain Sodium laureate sulfate (SLS), Sodium lauryl sulfate or Sodium lauryl Ether sulcate. They are usually found within the first 4 ingredients. 

Step 3: Check out what alternatives will work best for you, find brands you trust and avoid SLS! 

Step 4: Start switching over the products you didn't even realize would contain SLS : toothpaste, mouthwash, and moisturizer. 

Want some suggestions? 

Facial Cleanser: Mango passionfruit Cleanser from Rooted Beauty

-Find my review on this cleanser here 

Shampoo: Lavender Rosemary Shampoo from Goodness Me!

- John Masters Organics has always been a favourite hair care brand of mine. It all started with the salt spray - this was the first time I truly saw the potential my natural hair texture had. 

Soap: Dr. Bronners Magic Soap from GoodnessMe!

I have been using Dr.Bronners for the past 2 years for everything. Make your own shampoo, hand soap and body wash! Dr. Bronners is a natural vegetable castile soap. 

Body Moisturizer: Bar Beleza Beauty Bar from Me & the Girls 

- This Multi use moisturizer can be used from head to toe! I absolutely love it as a facial moisturizer to soften my skin, however I can use it on body rashes and redness. 


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6 Step blue eye makeup look

Step 1: Prep skin how you like (I love to contour with a matte bronzer)

Step 2: Lightly fill in eyebrows with Logona brow pencil to support the colourful eye makeup you are about to apply.

Step 3: Contour eyelid crease with matte brown shadow with a fluffy oval brush to add definition.

Step 4: Apply Sappho eye shadow in Patriciaalong top lash line with an angle brush. Wing out

Step 5: Apply a heavy coat of Sappho mascara!

Step 6: No need to line lips, just apply the "Naked Lady" by Wildrose Magnolia.


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10 step fall makeup tutorial

Sadly summer is coming to an end, but who says your skin has to go back to the winter blues? 

Sarah Shabacon of iweartheheadress thinks not! With Sarah's inspiration I was able to create a beautiful bronzed and glowing look for the Fall ’14 look book. Let me guide you to create this look yourself, and to let your inner goddess free all fall/winter/spring long! 

Lets begin with skin care:

As colder, dryer weather approaches we are forced to take better care of our skin. It is easy to let the changing weather pull you into a dry, black hole, so start now!

1. Drink plenty of water - Your cheapest and most convenient beauty product

2. Use a facial oil - Have oily skin? don't worry! Facial oil will mimic your natural oil production and will help control your skin. 

3. Exfoliate! - sloughing off your dead skin one/twice a week will reveal your natural glow. 

For beautiful, glowing skin it is important to use the proper makeup products. For this look I used all organic, toxin-free products to ensure the natural skin was not clogged, caked or harmed by any toxic chemicals. 

1. Sappho Liquid Foundation - this liquid foundation is extremely dewy and beautiful with a build able coverage for any skin type. 

2. Paper doll Minerals Powder Foundation - Use this powder with different brushes to create a light to heavy coverage. With dewy specks, this powder will always give you a healthy glow. 

3. Sappho Andrea's Blush - for a bold, blended contour.

Want your eyes to sparkle without having to add sparkle? I love using mineral eye shadows with a dewy shimmer to help  make eyes pop. Using a loose, fluffy blending brush to create a light definition is key. 

1. Highlight the brow bone with a matte white or light creme colour - Paper doll minerals eye shadow "spring snow"

2. Add a soft peachy or champagne base to the lid - Wildrose Magnolia shadow in "Polley" 

3. Create a deeper, yet shimmery shadow across the entire eye crease with a darker colour - Paper doll Minerals in "Sandy Bay"

3. Deepen the crease further with a Matte shadow for contrast - Sappho cosmetics in "craving cocoa"

4. Gel liner, Mascara and False lashes were added for drama.

5. Use the same brow bone highlighter for the inner corner of the eye to pop and brighten. 

6. A silky, shiny lips gloss was added as a final touch - Lavera Glossy lipgloss in "Shining Star No.1". This gloss creates a beautiful gold shimmer without big grainy specks of sparkle. 


All products used by Beauty Reawakened are Organic, Toxin Free or Clean Beauty Products.

Want to order your own head piece? Check out the newest collection from iweartheheadress here


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