Studying yourself could be your most powerful beauty technique

Studying yourself

Over the course of this years "Reawakened" BEAUTYeducation blog semesters, you will be studying subjects such as BEAUTYproducts and BEAUTYlooks, you will be assigned various BEAUTYprojects and in the end, you will be on the right track to knowing yourself through BEAUTYlove. So lets begin with what I believe may be the most important lesson of all, studying yourself:

Knowing yourself inside and out: 

Beauty is much more than what appears on the surface, emotionally and physically. 

Physically we must understand how our individual bodies work. What foods, supplements, physical activities, lifestyles decisions and vices aid and ail us. Which medications are "bandaid-ing" root causes and how toxic chemicals in our household and everyday item are damaging our bodies. Once we can determine what keeps us fuel'd, healthy and asking for more out of life, we will radiate physical beauty, your skin problems may calm down and you will be creating a safer living environment for yourself and your loved ones. 

Emotionally understanding our needs can be a much more difficult task to master. Standing up to our egos and taking "me" instead of attending a hot event, Sleeping for an extra hour every morning instead of joining the 6am workout club, Standing up to someone you disagree with and  doing "IT" for yourself instead of others are some examples of emotionally knowing how you operate. Living an emotionally healthy life is extremely rewarding and will show through your actions and through your body - its quite magical really. 

Studying yourself and mastering how you work physically and emotionally will take you far in life.  Confidence and self awareness is just as physically beautiful as clear & sweet smelling skin. 

Here are 5 steps to studying yourself:

1. Keep a journal: keeping track of your diet and recording how you feel after anything enters your body will help with your studies - think of it as a LAB project. (this also applies to physical activity, supplementary, medical changes etc)

2. Need to make a decision? take 2 minutes to sit down, close your eyes and calm your breath - let the decision come to you naturally, go with your instinct and don't regret it. Doing this will teach you to trust yourself and learn your patterns. 

3. Listen and write down your thoughts: We don't think for LISTEN! If something important, intriguing or new comes up, try writing it down - let everything else go, they are just thoughts. 

4. Accept yourself for who you are: Be unique, be bold, be brave! Never try to change who you are to be like someone else. There are a million and 1 reasons why you can eat the same diet as your best friend and gain 10 pounds in a week while she loses 2. We all require different tools and tricks, be happy and healthy, not average. 

5. Remember, you are the greatest teacher: No teacher, no matter how qualified can teach you the lessons you teach yourself. Listen, trust and guide yourself to become a self expert, and take in all that comes of it.