Schmidt Natural Deodorant

From farmers market to the big game: 

If you have read my blog in the past, you know I am always on the hunt for a killer natural deodorant. I have been through many sticks that just don't kick the stink. Unfortunately deodorant is a tough one, a product that must match your own bodies chemistry - fortunately I have found a few that work like a charm, including

Bravo to a small handcrafted farmers market star that hit the ball out of the park and made it to the big game. Schmidt's has made it big because it simply works. Lets see if Schmidt's news standards for their deodorant match up with mine

"a luxurious feel, health-conscious formulation,
captivating scents, and an experience that outlasts the competition."


Bergmot and Lime Deodorant:

2oz   $9.00   100% natural

Shea butter

soft, creamy and moisturizing

Baking soda


Arrowroot powder

Acid & Alkali Balancer, Moisture absorbing 

Cocoa seed butter

Deep hydration, supports skin irritation

Bergamot essential oil

Antibiotic, Disinfectant, Inhibits growth of bacteria

Lime essential oil

Bactericide, Disinfectant, Anticeptic

Vitamin E

Protects sensitive tissue, Antioxidant

Humulus lupulus (hop) extract

Remedy for psoriasis and irritation of the skin

The first time I used this deodorant I almost didn't know what to do.  Of course I know I had to scoop it our of the container, but then what? I decided to think like a customer that knew nothing about natural deodorant, and tried 2 different methods:

1. Apply the product directly onto my armpit straight out of the container

2. Warm the product by rubbing it in my hands, then applying it to my armpit.

I found that warming the product first made for an easier application.

The scent of this product is light and not too overpowering. It was comfortable to wear, and lasted without needing to re apply (I wore it for a bike ride and yoga practice) 

This product works, however the application process is a pain in the butt (compared to a conventional deodorant stick). Don't get me wrong, it is worth it, but If you are used to applying your deodorant in one swift swipe, this may seem a tad inconvenient. 

The value of the product for the price point is decent. I believe it is important to invest into a healthy, alternative product, however - if you have a crafty thumb you may be able to make this yourself. It is best to look at the pros and cons of DIY deodorant because it can be an expensive investment to begin with (as most of the supplies are sold in larger bags - more ingredients than you will need to make 1 stick of deodorant). It is also up to you to ensure that the product turns out just as good as Schmidt's has made theirs. 


Schmidt's is doing it right - and meeting my standards for a clean deodorant that actually works. Here is a bit more info for your nature loving' pits:

  • Schmidt's is Vegan & Cruelty Free Certified
  • Actually helps control wetness with plant powder power! 
  • Free of Aluminum, Propylene Glycol, Parabens & Phalates
  • Made in Portland Oregon 

If there was one thing I would change about Schmidt's It would be that the ingredients used in the deodorants were organic, however I think they are doing the best they can for now (and I mean that with integrity)

Chemical Free? Keep in mind this deodorant is not "chemical free" Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical compound Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O → 2 NaHCO3 and has potential to irritate your skin. However, I have not had issues of irritation with this product. 

*Remember, everything is technically a "chemical" 

There is really not much else to say regarding this product - It works & its good for go sweat it out! 

Enjoy your Schmidt's experience

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