Save the bee's with sustainable lip balm

Portland Bee Balm

Portland Bee Balm supports local bees and their keepers. Their products from ingredients to labels and ink, are clean, sustainable and local. 

Brad & Anika of Portland Bee Balm believe we all have an environmental and social responsibility to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive effect we have on the environment. “From the ingredients we source, to the packaging we use, to our interactions with our customers, we strive to be a business that supports the health and well-being of the environment, our community, and, of course, bees and their keepers.”


They make you run and shriek and you wish they would all just go away, but did you know bees are the reason you have food on your plate? The same bees that give you the chills are pollinating one third of our crops. 

This fragile species is in danger, and not because of your book, shoe or fly swatter. “Each year since 2006 commercial beekeepers have lost roughly one third of their hives in such a devastating manner the phenomenon has been termed colony collapse. The jury is still out on the cause but a variety of theories exist from use of specific pesticides,exposure to pollen from certain genetically modified crops, a changing climate, food and water scarcity and increased risk from a number of pathogens and parasites.” says Brand and Anika

Brad and Anika are encouraging us to look for organic and fair trade options when purchasing honey as more than half of our honey is imported and from questionable, unsustainable sources.  

But what does this have to do with beauty products?

Beeswax is found in many of our conventional and organic cosmetic products. Just like the honey we spread on our toast and the wax we burn when we light candles, beeswax is being consumed and finds its way into our bloodstream when we apply a thick coat of lip balm on our lips. Lip balm is a cosmetic product used daily by both men and women, and re applied generously throughout the day. Have you ever considered that your “Blistex” balm may have harsh drying ingredients to make you have to purchase more faster? A vicious cycle of dry, plastic lips!

Let me tell you a bit more about Portland Bee Balm


Portland Bee Balm is made up of 4 separate puzzle pieces:


The Bee balm contains only four sustainable and local ingredients:Certified organic coconut and olive oil, Oregon beeswax, and Oregon organic peppermint oil.


All bee balm displays are handmade by a Portland woodworker and painted with a mixture of naturally occurring shellac resin (from the lac bug) and grain alcohol. The art installation displays are designed, built and painted by Brad and Portland artist Forest Menke-Thielman.


Ink used on the labels are soy based, which helps us reduce the use of fossil fuels.


From energy use to chemical discharge, paper production has some serious negative consequences to public health and the environment. Brad and Anika try to mitigate these impacts by not using paper for their labels. Made of non-pulped wood, the labels use fewer chemicals and less energy in their manufacturing. The label was designed by Portland artists. In a continuous effort to support other small and local business they are printed and cut by a Portland company.



My Review of Portland Bee Balm is very simple and to the point. 

This is an incredible lip balm. With only 4 ingredients, you can’t possibly get a cleaner product that feels and tastes so good. What is even sweeter than this balm? the story behind the product. If you are interested in purchasing local product with good intentions this is your go to lip balm. You can’t go wrong at $2.99 a pop, or buy a box of 20 for $47, you and your family will be set for a year or two! 

I have never had plastic feeling lips after applying this balm and I do not feel a need to constantly re apply throughout the day. Winter will be the ultimate test for this product, but I know my lips are being hydrated and repaired with the coconut and olive oils.

This balm will be hanging out in my ski jacket all season, without a doubt. 

Purchase Portland Bee Balm instead of:

Most conventional balms on the market….to be quite honest. Lets take a look at the ingredients found in “Blistex":

Beeswax (Apis Mellifera) , Camphor , Candelilla Cera (Euphorbia Cerifolia Wax) , Cetearyl Alcohol , Cetyl Palmitate , Cocoa Butter , D&C Red 6 Barium Lake (CI 15850) , Flavor , Isopropyl Myristate , Isopropyl Palmitate , Isopropyl Stearate , Lanolin , Lanolin Oil , Menthol , Methylparaben , Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) , Ozokerite , Beeswax (Apis Mellifera) , Petrolatum , Polybutene , Propylparaben , Titanium Dioxide

I feel fully confident telling you that 95% of these ingredients are not needed to hydrate and repair your lips. In fact, many of these ingredients should not even be close to your mouth. 

Bolded ingredients raise concern and should be avoided at all costs. “Flavor”? please tell me what ingredients makeup with this mysterious flavour…

The less ingredients on the label the better. Choose Simplicity, not convenience. 

How can you help “Save the Bees”?

Here are a few tips from Brad and Anika bout how you can do your part to help save the bees:

Support your hardworking bees and their keepers! – Buy honey that comes from your region and support the hard working beekeepers who are helping keep bees in your community and food on your table.

Buy sustainable produced food and products – More sustainable practices and fewer chemicals used in agriculture means healthier habitats for bees (not to mention all of the benefits for farmers, farm workers, neighboring communities, and our waterways).

Plant a garden – Whether you live in the country or in the middle of the city planting flowers provides food for bees regardless of where they’re grown.

Practice what you preach! – How you care for your yard and garden impacts the health of bees. Home use (and misuse) of pesticides can significantly impair and reduce bee populations in your area – opt for sustainable home maintenance methods like organic gardening practices.

Keep your own bees – Want an endless supply of honey, to make your (and your neighbour’s) garden flourish, and a strong connection to the natural environment? Start your own hive! Check out our FAQ page for resources and follow us on Facebook to learn how we may be able to help!