Okoko Cosmétiques

Being an active member in the clean beauty world here in Vancouver has opened up so many opportunities for me to meet incredibly driven, like minded women who are doing HUGE things! Oyeta is one of those beautiful ladies. 

My friend Natalia brought Oyeta to my very first natural beauty workshop and I quickly found out about her beautiful skin care line Okoko Cosmetiques. 

Okoko is: Canadian made (hell yes!) Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, and extremely luxurious. 

I have tried many skincare lines, and some products are very simple and super effective. Okoko is seriously next level skincare (in my opinion). It is filled with antioxidant rich, anti inflammatory, seriously nourishing ingredients (and a lot of them!) 

Here is what I have tried:

Tomato Lycopene Multi-Purpose SUBLIME balm

- the formula is bright orange and thick, until you rub it in your hands - then it turns into a silky oil. 

- my skin feels extremely soft...I don't think my skin has actually ever felt like this after the age of 10. 

- hella moisturized, bright and even 

Clay Face Mask - La D'TOX NOIRE

- I started using this mask right after the holidays during a post alcohol and sugar binge (breakouts and dry patches all over the place)

- I noticed instant results after the first use, however it was not until 3 uses that I REALLY saw the results. I haven't worn any face makeup since because my skin is super clear and even. 

Gentle Facial Treatment LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ

- I have only used this mask once so far, but it was extremely gentle and a think texture when mixed with water. 

- to remove both of these masks, I have used water and treated the masks as an exfoliant to gently remove any dead skin at the very end. 


I sent a text to Oyeta today, because I am so damn impressed by her products. I have been a huge "Mahalo Skin Care" junkie for over a year now, and I am happy to say I have found my Canadian alternative. 

The biggest differences I have noticed in my skin are:

- Soft, smooth skin

- Brighter

- More hydrated / Comfortable 


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