10 ways to naturally reduce cellulite

Lets talk cellulite…

Ladies, you are not alone. About 90% of women over the age of 20 have cellulite!

The first thing that may come to your head is that to have cellulite you must be overweight, in fact this is very untrue. Cellulite can be passed down through genetics, but there are so many ways to develop cellulite:

  • an inadequate diet without enough protein

  • a lack of exercise or excessive exercise

  • repeated weight loss and weight gain

  • an excess or a deficiency of estrogen

Cellulite is really a medical condition called lipodystrophy. Lipodystrophy is caused by poor lymphatic drainage in fat cells underneath the skin. This poor drainage starts to distort collagen  and skin pockets begin to develop (this is why we see the dimples in the skin)

What is Lymphatic drainage? 

The lymphatic system is very important for removing wastes and toxins from the body. The system circulates a transparent fluid called lymph - lymph contains white blood cells and proteins. Lymph drains fluid from between the cells all around the body. That extracellular space is where the cells leave their waste and where other toxins and debris can build up. When we have poor lymphatic drainage, the toxins and waste begin to build up, our body begins to feel stiff and heavy, and this is when we start to develop cellulite. 



Full Body Beauty Cellulite Routine

When we seek repairing methods for damage of the body such a cellulite we must use a Full Body approach. Applying a cream or doing 40 squats may seem convenient, however it is not until you repair the underlying cause, that you will see the best results. By pairing methods and products together we will get optimal results. The reason this blog is not called “How to get rid of cellulite naturally” is because there is no miracle cure, natural or unnatural, I am here to help improve your life, not promote false information. 

External Repair:

1. Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil: I have been loving this oil as a full body oil. Not only does it smell amazing and contain great ingredients, but it really has improved the texture and look of my skin. it nourishes the skin with natural and organic plant extracts that smooth, tone and support skin's overall health.

Potent extract of birch leaves, known for their detoxifying and purifying effect, promote radiant skin with increased smoothness. Skin-friendly apricot kernel oil and jojoba seed oil nourish skin and provide balanced moisture, while wheat-germ oil, rich in vitamin E, refines skin texture. Rosemary leaf extract stimulates circulation and vital metabolic processes. 

Butcher’s Broom has long been used to treat congestions. Butcher’s Broom is well known for its vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory and dehydrating effects. Great for pain relief and heaviness in the limbs. This root can be helpful for cramping and swelling.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.27.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.27.10 AM.png

2. Dry Brushing: Dry brushing in the direction of the Lymph flow helps improve the circulation of the fluid. Starting at the ankles up to the heart and out through the arms. Use a soft bristle dry brush to help fight cellulite. This always feels really great and helps you exfoliate! (I am such a poet)

3. Massage: Massage is great for your overall health. Massage yourself or have a friend or partner help you out. Massage promotes skin health and helps us relax. 

4. Exercise: Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day is a must! Walk, Run, Cycle, Yoga - get your body moving to promote more circulation, especially in the legs.  

Internal Repair:

1. Proper Diet: Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean protein and healthy fats

2. Water: Drinking 8-10 cups of water a day will help flush toxins - detoxifying the body.

3. EstroSMART: Is a women supplement that helps maintain a healthy estrogen to progesterone level in the body. By balancing our hormones, our lymphatic system will begin working properly. This will help reduce the look of cellulite  

Mind & Spirit Repair:

1. Remove thoughts of: 

 “My Cellulite makes me less desirable”, “No one else looks like this”, “I will be beautiful when my cellulite is gone”

2. Focus on thoughts of: 

 “I am beautiful, and unique”, “By treating my cellulite I am becoming a healthier woman”, “I deserve to be healthy and treat my body properly”



“She is GREAT at NOT having cellulite”

It is always around the Victoria Secret Fashion Show when my Facebook feed seems to be flooded with women making remarks like: “Well, I guess i’ll sit on the couch and eat potato chips” or “Nothing can make me feel worse about my body than the VSFS #foreverfat”.

I personally do not enjoy watching the VSFS, and I doubt many women feel good, or empowered after sitting for 2 hours watching 15 women who are strutting their stuff on the runway. Everyone in this world is great at something, whether is is public speaking, drawing or even designing bathing suits - these 15-20 women happen to be great at not having any cellulite (+ the magic of television and photoshop)

*Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong - I have PLENTY of respect for models, as I have spent most of my career working with these ladies. They are hardworking, beautiful and dedicated to their craft. They all have their own talents and passions aside from modelling, however they are DAMN good at NOT having cellulite 

What I am trying to say here is that by comparing ourselves to women who have been hand selected from hundreds of other women to walk in this show, we are only making our "flaws" become a bigger deal than they should be. We are also not getting any positive results… When you say “look at her legs they are flawless and beautiful, what a bitch! mine are chunky and covered in cellulite dimples, I better go for a run after I finish this bag of fritos or ill never look like her” Do you really think you are going to enjoy that run? Most likely no, because it is forced and coming from a place of “I am not good enough”

If you change your mindset and comment on the television screen: “Wow she looks good, she must work hard to get legs like that. I bet If I set a goal, and improve my overall health that is feasible for my lifestyle and schedule I will feel good about my body.” By releasing a positive comment, we feel more inspired to make goals and improve our lifestyle because it will make us feel good, look good and be happier. 

So stop comparing yourself to women who are “Great at not having cellulite” and start flaunting something you are great at, or work towards a goal that will make you even better at something you may not be focusing on in the present moment.