How to find the right natural cleanser for your skin

I hate to say it, but facial cleansers are extremely neglected by the majority of my clients. 

I find it interesting, as I have women coming to see me to purchase makeup and when I ask them about their skin care regime, most admit that they do not use a cleanser (or use bar soap!). Yikes! Let me go over a few reasons why this is problematic. 

1) Makeup, regardless if it is natural are not should be removed before bed. It is absolutely integral for the health of our skin to remove makeup residue from the day. This especially includes around the eyes as mascara, eyeliner and minerals from eyeshadow can sneak in and damage the eye. 

2) Ok, so you don't wear makeup? Unfortunately this does not mean you are going to bed with nothing on your skin. Throughout your day you are picking up external toxins, fumes, oil, dirt and sweat from the environment. If you are not cleansing your skin before bed, you end up rolling your face around your pillow, providing a dirty gift for your next nights sleep, and allowing these elements dive deeper into your skin. 

3) Using bar soap can be damaging for the skin. Cleansers in fact should not contain soap, stripping sulphates or detergents. When you get that squeaky clean feeling it means the natural oils from your skin are no longer present. This can contribute to over drying, sensitive and dull skin.  Natural soaps are made from plant based oils to help keep skin moist and supple. 

My Suggestions:


For Dry/ Maturing Skin

What:  Ceremonie Milk Cleanser 

Benefits: A cream based cleanser is crucial for dry skin types. It is especially important to avoid anything over drying or stripping in a cleanser when your skin is on the dry side, or beginning to age. This cleanser contains fruit oil, aloe juice, flower water, vitamin E and a cocktail of essential oils to keep the skin smooth, hydrated and balanced 

How: Massage into damp skin. Remove with a warm, wet cloth. 

For Oily Skin

What: Fable Naturals Oil Cleansing Balm

Benefits: Oil Cleansing Balm is beneficial for any skin type to remove oil, dirt and makeup by acting like a magnet. However, specifically  beneficial for oily skin to help balance the skins natural oil production. 

How: mix a dime size amount in hands with water to emulsify. Rub over skin for 1-2 minutes, massaging to improve skins circulation. Remove with a hot, damp cloth. 

For Acne Prone Skin/ Sensitive Skin

What: Viva Bio Foaming Cleanser

Benefits: This cleanser contains probiotics and apple cider vinegar to help gently cleanse and balance acne prone and sensitive skin types. Keeping the skin's moisture and pH perfectly balanced. Combined with Viva's Amaze Exfoliating Gel, the two make a powerful, acne fighting team by sloughing away dead dry skin. 

How: 1/2 a pump is all you need. This cleanser dispenses as a foam and a little bit goes a long way. Massage onto damp skin for 1 minute and rinse away with warm water. 

What about normal skin types?

Lucky you. You have "normal skin". This essentially means you have little to no skin issues. You may struggle with the occasional breakout or dry patch from time to time, but for the most part you skin is clear and moist. Although, don't take this as a free pass, you too still must cleanse. 

I personally have normal skin and I use all 3 of these cleansing options depending on the season and how my skin is acting. 

Customize your routine

These are merely suggestions based on skin types. Some may have preferences about their skin routines. If you like that deep clean feeling I also suggest the Viva Gel Cleanser to get the traditional foaming action. 

Got a cleanser question? Don't be afraid to ask

xoxo Jacqueline