Mahalo Skin Care Review

I have made a new commitment for myself and my readers regarding product reviews...

Receiving natural beauty products in the mail to trial and review is nice, I admit that. But to be completely honest and transparent...I tend to try some products once or twice and write about it because I feel obligated. I have made a commitment to only review products that I have tried for at least 2 weeks, consistently. 

Mahalo skin care is a perfect example of a skin care line that I have taken the time to test out and fall in love with. I have been testing this product now for about 6 months, and not only am I a huge fan, but this is also a product I would re purchase as a customer. 

The Mahalo skin care website has a wealth of product knowledge, organic ingredients lists and intention, so I will use this time to describe my personal experience with the product

Overall Favourite Products:


I have been dreaming about this product since I first received it 6 months ago. I still have product left in the bottle, and I use it every single day. It is The Mahalo Vitality Elixir

I use this Elixir in 2 ways: 

1. At night after my water based cream, to soften my skin and lock in moisture

2. Mixed into my foundation 

My results: My skin is so happy with this product. I love me some dewy skin, which is why I mix it in with my foundation. I use this technique on my makeup clients that have especially dry skin and it ensures the makeup does not sit on top of the skin and in the dry patches. 

My skin has always been decent, but I did see quite the shift in texture and quality of my skin. My skin has a beautiful glowing quality every single day because of this product. The texture of this elixir melds right into the skin. This is a very luxurious and high quality product. 


Most Unique Product:

The Petal Mask Mahalo

The Mahalo Petal Mask is one of the most unique products I have used to date. The only way I can describe the texture of this mask, is by describing melted marshmallow. It is gooey, sticky and luxurious. The mask carries a rich rose scent which is very relaxing and calming. 

How is use this product: I have been mixing some of my Pele Mask with my Petal Mask because I adore the texture.

My results: After removing the mask my skin feels hydrated, refreshed and glowing. This is my "special occasion" mask, I find myself using it the night before and important date. 




Best Scent:

MAHALO Skin Care Vacation Glow body oil

The Mahalo Vacation Glow is by far my personal favourite scent of the entire Mahalo collection. This is not a product for one who does not enjoy rich aromatics, as this serum will take your senses for a ride. The three scent profile's are as followed:

Jasminum Sambac (Pikake or Hawaiian Jasmine) – brings a lightness and happy feeling. Helps to dispel fear, guilt, and emotional blocks. “With Jasmine, we are helped to understand that there is no division between physical and divine love.

Geranium – helps to relax the body and relieve tension, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, and/or fear. Prized for its benefits in skincare.

Frankincense – prized for millennia, it isvalued for for prevention of wrinkles and dry, damaged skin, for support of the immune system, and for nervous depression. The oil has pain-relieving and decongestant properties and the aroma is renowned for its ability to instill deep tranquility of the mind.

This is a rich scent to die for. In the hair, I personally will only use it on the very ends and not throughout. I prefer using this as a serum on my arms and chest when I dress up to give beautiful glow to the skin. 


Problematic Skin go-to:


The Mahalo Pele Mask is a classic, and my "go-to" when my skin is problematic, red or inflamed with acne. The two results I have experienced from using this mask is:

1. Soft, baby bum soft, skin. When removing this mask, I use it as an exfoliant, and scrub it off my skin. My face feels super soft and clear after removing this mask.

2. Reduced redness and even looking skin. Mahalo is not lying when they say the Pele mask will combat and fade blemishes. I do see this result every time I this mask.