A minute with Mahalo: Gratitude, Magic & Pele

For most, Hawaii is a getaway, a magical place to escape for a week or two to forget about "real life". For Maryna, Hawaii is her reality...and little did I know, it is mine as well. 

I asked Maryna about the "magic" of Hawaii, as I have experienced it myself, many times. Mahalo skin care line was built on this magic, this spirit, this beautiful reality.

As I danced onto the plane to Kona, I could only imagine what lay ahead for the next week of my life, luckily I always leave this to unfold for itself. As I stepped off the plane back into Vancouver after a week in paradise the flight attendant looked at me and said "Welcome back to reality" I giggled a little because I wanted to say to her "That was my reality". I believe that every moment we are present is our reality - Hawaii is not an escape for me, just a warmer reality. 

It is my hope that Maryna and I may be able to bring a little bit of Hawaii, and Mahalo into your day through this interview.

1. This is my 4th time travelling to Hawaii, the second time this year in fact. I find there is something so magical about the islands. What initially drew you to the Hawaiian islands and what makes this home for yourself and Mahalo?

You know, Jacqueline, I whole heartedly agree with you - there IS something magical about Hawaii. I have travelled to many places in the world, but Hawaii was the only place that has fully clicked in my heart. I first came to Hawaii in the winter of 2010 after a sudden loss of my father. Back then I lived in Canada and have just returned from a business trip when my dearest friend picked me up from the airport with words “hope you are not tired, because I am taking you to Hawaii, to heal”. The five weeks that I spent on Oahu and Kauai have truly transformed me and brought me back to life. It is hard to put into words the events on the heart and the quiet moments I spent with the mountains, rainbows and waterfalls - listening to the whispers of this land. In short - I knew that I have found home, finally, after traveling halfway round the world. Mahalo is an organic manifestation of me “arriving home” - it is what I am meant to do in this world. Mahalo is in many ways a result of everything I have learned in my 32 years of life. Since my childhood I loved working with plants and essential oils to create luxurious treats for the skin and soul, and Kauai was the place that facilitated the birth my passion into business. Without me living here, there would be no Mahalo Skin Care. It is a call of the heart, it is a way to inspire gratitude for and to let others experience the magic of Hawaii “in a bottle”. 

2. How did the power and spirit of Hawaii play into the creation of your products, and the line as a whole. 

Oh you know it - the spirit of Hawaii. Yes, it is fully and thoroughly intertwined in every product, every thought, every intention and connection of my life and the life of Mahalo. The way I experience the spirit of Hawaii is interconnectedness and gratitude. My husband and I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, exploring, connecting with nature. When I return to Mahalo studio, I am pulsating with the positive ions and the heart/love vibrations - it then goes straight into each jar and bottle. I often feel like a vessel through which mama Kauai is bottling Mahalo, because nature knows best, and the best I can do is listen.

3. I personally love the power of Pele, so I am drawn to the volcanic ash clay in the Pele Mask. What is your favourite ingredient used in Mahalo skin care? What makes it so special?

I bow with respect before the Pele Goddess, she is the Hawaii itself - the volcano upon which the magic of Hawaii is created. In terms of a favorite ingredient - uh, it’s a tough one, as I literally love every single one of them. But if I had to pick one then it would be turmeric. This magical root has been a part of my life since childhood. It is my loyal companion both in skincare and kitchen pantry. It helps with digestion, blood, clear skin, inflammations and so much more. 


4. Mahalo is such a beautiful word for gratitude. What are you grateful for and what keeps you going every single day, especially during such a pivotal time in your career? 

Thank you for asking this question. Reading it made me tear-up. I feel gratitude is the tread that connects my life, now more than ever. When I take a step back and observe my life right now - I get filled with gratitude. Many of my friends say - wow, you should feel proud, or you should work harder etc - but my heart says, be grateful. I am grateful to have been born in a time when women have rights like never before, when defying the norm is encouraged and when the choices we make matter more than ever. I am grateful to have an ability to make a difference, to make a choice for the better. Mahalo Skin Care is my way of expressing/inspiring/empowering gratitude of the heart towards ourselves, the Earth and each other…but to truly love another, you must first fall in love with yourself…and what better way to do that than by indulging your senses with the goodness of luxurious skin treats.

5. Is there anything new on the horizon for Mahalo care? What can we expect from you next? 

Oh yes, we are constantly working to improve our service. As you know, we are launching a new product very soon, which will be the first in line of mindfully-crafted skin treats we have in store for 2016. I am also inspired to connect and better get to know our green beauty community. In the last month I have had a lot of ideas, which I am now working on grounding and finding a way to transform them to life (very left/right brain actions here). The heart has spoken, Mahalo Skin Care is much more than just skin products, it is a spirit which yearns to make an empowering difference for the better. All I can say right now is - with the blessings of mama Kauai, stay tuned, there is more to come. 

Thank you Maryna for such a beautiful inspiring interview

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