Never apply your makeup without having this conversation with yourself first


It could be easy to jump to the conclusion that wearing makeup is essentially covering up who we are as creatures of natural beauty. Using beauty products to manipulate the way we look, essentially to feel acceptance from others. But instead of going here right away, I like to ask instead, how and why do our actions make us feel a certain way?

Many people still believe that women wear makeup because they are insecure, do not love themselves or hate the way that they look. Sure, this may be true for some, or all of us, so I encourage you to think about this the next time you decide to wear makeup: 

Why do I wear makeup? (Intention) 

  1. I want to manipulate the way I look to fit in (being accepted by others)
  2. I want to manipulate the way I look to honour myself (acceptance of yourself) 

It can be more difficult to make decisions based on making yourself happy, especially due to social pressures. We are constantly bombarded with images of the “ideal woman”, and media telling us that we must look this way for others to love us, to be accepted. So before you pick up your makeup brush, ask yourself what your intention is, today, for choosing to apply your makeup products. Neither intention is right or wrong, and this is important to remember.  Do not judge yourself on your intention, instead, let it happen and through these observations your intentions may slowly begin to shift to a more authentic, self loving place.

from our intention we transition into the feeling we get from setting our intention (Feeling) 

  1. Manipulating the way I look to fit in:
  • I must look this way to feel accepted or loved.
  • I feel afraid of being see in a vulnerable or different way because I may be rejected by others. 
  • I do not feel beautiful unless I look this way.

This tends to be an intention for yourself that ends up pleasing others

2. Manipulating the way I look to honour myself:

  • I feel beautiful with or without makeup. 
  • The act of applying beauty products makes me feel taken care of
  • The act of self care makes me feel loved

This tends to be an intention for yourself that ends up pleasing yourself. 

So now it is up to you to decide who you want to please, how you want to feel and who you are applying your makeup for.