The 1 and only reason to make your own FRANK scrub

Although I am quite blown away by the recent phenomenon that is FRANK, I guarantee there is no need to spend $14.95 on a bag. The ingredients in FRANK are super basic and you can make your own for about 1 dollar. A bag of FRANK is filled with skin healing coffee grounds, moisturizing and toning oils and skin smoothing sugars, with a hint of essential oils for a sweet scent. The best part about making this delicious scrub yourself: You get to reuse the scraps of your morning coffee, reduce the amount of waste and money spent on new products and recycle old bottles!

Recipe + Tools

1/2 cup of left over coffee grounds

1/8 cup coconut milk

1/8 cup melted coconut oil

6 drops essential oil of your choice

 a cup shaped container with lid

warming pot

mixing bowl


  1. mix coffee grounds and coconut milk
  2. melt coconut oil on stove
  3. add coconut oil to milk and coffee mixture
  4. transfer to bottle
  5. add essential oil and mix. 

This recipe is not true to the one used by the fabulous Aussie girls that created FRANK, but it is my own spin on the delicious scrub. 

I recommend making small batches of this scrub to last no longer than a few days. Keep this scrub in your fridge. Coconut milk will sooth and moisturize your skin, but will not last forever in your shower. 


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