Elate Cosmetics Review

I discovered this gem

before Elate was even called "Elate". In fact, I waited patiently for the line to launch and it slipped my mind until I re-discovered it on instagram (where I have found most of my clean cosmetic lines).

The first thing that drew me to this line, honestly, was the packaging. I hate to be "that person" who is sold on a product simply by looking at it, but with Elate this was just the case. A sustainable and re usable bamboo packaging is quite simply the way to my heart, In fact, all Elate packaging can be planted, eaten, recycled or reused.

So where does Elate cosmetics come from? Physically, the brand is from Victoria BC (my next door neighbour). Elate comes from a need. A need for Makeup Artists to have the ability to use the cleanest makeup products possible, while still delivering the same results a conventional product can. As a professional makeup artist herself, Melody has successfully delivered a line for professionals as well as everyday makeup users that is free from animal byproducts, animal testing, gluten, talc, synthetic fragrances and all those others nasty chemicals. 

Well... is it any good?

Here are a few of the reasons I LOVE Elate cosmetics:

1. It is locally made. Local products have gained my trust and loyalty as I know exactly where they are coming from, who made them and that I am supporting my community. Elate also supports the community with $2 donated to Victoria Women's Transitional House from the sale of their "community colour" from each new collection and Elates "Create Kindness program" - Elate's monthly DIY workshops

2. The packaging is sustainable and reusable. It also look damn cute in your bag. 

3. Elate is ALL about supporting Makeup Artists. It is actually quite rare to find a makeup line that is so dedicated to their biggest supporters and cheerleaders, Makeup Artists...which is quite ironic. 

4. Real women & real results. Elate markets to and advertises with REAL WOMEN. Check out their catalogue here. These products provide real, beautiful results. 

5. Elate's owner is extremely passionate about women and beauty. I spent the weekend with Melody and the Elate team and I was so inspired to continue to make a positive impact in this world, just as Melody does every single day. 

I am ELATED about this product. I highly recommend it


NO Petrochemicals

NO Animal Ingredients OR testing

NO Artificial Fragrances

NO Harsh Preservatives: Some Elate products require a broad-spectrum preservative, in order to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.  We are opposed to using controversial paraben preservatives, as well as formaldehyde-releasing preservatives such as dialyzed urea.  

NO Nano-sized Minerals:

NO Bismuth Oxychloride: 

NO to Talc: 

NO to Gluten:



Ricinus Communis (Organic Castor Seed Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Seed Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit (Unrefined Organic Shea Butter), Cocos Nicifera (Organic Coconut Oil), Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam Seed Oil), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla Wax), Mica, Iron Oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Mentha Arvensis (Organic Peppermint) Essential Oil



Goddess Glow

Beautiful shimmery bronzing/glow powder

Light enough to decorate the entire face for a soft glow (avoid forehead and T zone as it contains shmmer)

A little goes a long way




Great sized brush

Supports a full, dark lash

No toxic scent


Loose Eye shadow:


Great amount of product, A little goes a long way.

I LOVE the perfect amount of fine milled pigment and larger sparkles in the product. 

works well on a bare lid as well as with a primer underneath or mixed with some water. 



Totally build able as a light "glossy" type lipstick or a darker pigment


Beautiful color selection

Fall Makeup look by Beauty Reawakened, using Elate cosmetics



at it's finest. 

From the eco friendly packaging, reusability and customer & employee care, Melody has sustainability down to a T. I really do feel good about promoting and using such a wonderful makeup collection. I recently received some new products in the mail from Melody and I cannot wait to share a new look with you! 

Want your own?

Elate cosmetics is right across the water in beautiful Victoria British Columbia, you can find their entire collection on my Online Shop