How to deal with acne

It is easy to look at someone who struggles with acne and think: "Gee, I am so lucky my skin does not look like that" or "I would hate having to deal with constant acne". It is unfortunate that we believe that only perfect skin is beautiful. We do not know the struggle of dealing with acne until we have experienced it ourselves.

In many cases acne can be a blessing...How you ask? Our bodies are sensitive. The way we treat out bodies radiates to the outer layers of our skin. Stress, unhealthy choices, medication and even lack of sleep shows up on the surface in one way or the other. If we are harmful to ourselves, and do not take the right precautions to flush out toxins and pamper our insides, our outsides will do everything in their power to let us know, and let us see.

For myself, developing acne was a blessing in disguise. It taught me to sit back and take a look at my life. Everything I was eating, everything I was doing, everywhere I went and every pill that was going into my body was studied. I took the time to learn about myself, deal with my acne, and do my best to see past it. Here are some tips for dealing with acne:

1. Look past the acne and focus on you.

Our insecurities take up so much of our time. You may not realize this, but even when we are not 100% focused in on them, our subconscious mind is still lingering on these flaws. These thoughts stress us out, and can get in the way of our daily lives. Looking past your acne will be difficult at first, but the easiest way to do this is finding characteristics and attributes about yourself that outweigh the way your acne makes you feel. Start featuring and focusing on your favourite facial features, or learn an awesome new hair style to rock. Feel good about the things you love and show them off. 

2. Take time to study your life.

Go to the book store and pick out an awesome journal, or create a private blog on your phone or computer. Its time to start documenting your life. Record your lifestyle: everything you eat, do, apply and consume. Study your life and record the results. Write down the pros and cons to these actions. Change it up - and commit to the changes you make. What makes you feel good? what makes you feel crappy? what irritates your skin and what makes you break out? Do you break out during your period or during exams? this will help you figure out what type of acne you have and what triggers it. Once you have enough information you can apply strategic plans to your life. 

3. Turn your struggle into a positive journey

The last thing you think of when you think ACNE is positive. Exploring ways to make a (lets be honest) shitty situation positive will a) take your mind off of the (shitty) part and b) change your outlook on life. When you flip your way of thinking opportunities appear out of thin air, your mind opens up and you will start becoming a more positive person. If you can turn a negative situation into a positive it will be a piece of cake making an O.K situation into an amazing experience. Look at it this way: Your acne has opened up a door for you to re mould your life, explore your creative side and test yourself as an individual. I never said it was easy, but it is possible.  

4. Cover it up with YOU, not makeup. 

You are missing out on opportunities by concealing your acne. Ditching a coffee date after hitting the gym because you forgot your makeup bag at home. Choosing stay on the beach while your friends swim around the lake because you don't want your makeup to come off. Makeup will come and go, but your personality and individuality is constant. Humans are notorious for picking up on body language, so when you are trying to hide your acne by hanging your chin or always having your hands near your face to distract from your acne it becomes more obvious. Covering your acne up with makeup is not always the solution. Let your acne be apart of your life, whether you want it to be or not. Don't let people love you more when you have to take time to look a certain way, don't give them a choice and make them fall in love with you by being your true, genuine self. 

5. Have some fun with it

With anything, there is only so much sitting around and sulking you can do before you become tired, upset and a big old grumpy pants. With the previous 4 tools now under your belt it's time to have some fun with your acne. Research delicious concoctions that you can whip up with ingredients in your house and spread over your face while relaxing in the bath or reading a great book.

Try a mix of:

Honey+Avocado+Plain Yogurt = Antiseptic, Moisturizing, Softening Joy.  

 Use this time to do some research, read a good book and learn something about yourself and your body that you didn't know before.