4 clues that your body needs an internal flush

To be beautiful is much more than the way we look. My definition of beauty comes from a concept I live by: "Full Body Beauty"

Full Body Beauty "Absolute Beauty" may not be achieved without a healthy body, mind and spirit. This is possible through positive self talk, a nourishing diet, regular exercise & toxin free cosmetics.

It is possible to achieve healthy skin, first by paying attention to what is happening inside; what we are feeding our bodies, our allergies and sensitivities and prevention before aid. 

Today I write about 4 skin clues that will show that your body needs an internal flush. 

1. Got a breakout? 

Before you slap on any type of skincare product, you should learn where this breakout is coming from. According to Chinese Medicine Practitioners, our skin issues can be mapped and repaired by simply looking at where this breakout is happening. This is not a guaranteed method for everyone, as acne can show up for various reasons: skin care products, hygiene, hormones, allergies, genetics and more. This method may help you get to the root of the problem quicker than covering it up with a topical "bandaid" 

Forehead: Digestive, Small intestine or Liver issues. Irregular sleep patterns, stress & bad temper, excess sugar & worrying. Build up of hair product, bangs or dirty hats or headbands. 

Temples: Poor lymphatic circulation, Diet high in fat or processed foods, Gallbladder issues. 

Between Brows: Weak heart, liver issues, too much alcohol or tobacco 

Nose: Poor diet, Consitpation, Bloating, Gastrointestinal issues, Indigestion, Poor blood circulation (if skin on nose peels)

Left cheek: Liver, Overeating, Nutrients not absorbing properly, Stomach problems, dirty cell phone, pillowcase & makeup brushes. 

Right cheek: Lungs, Allergies & Stress, Stomach issues, Stress, Dirty cell phone, Pillowcase & Makeup brushes.

Lip: Consitpation, Irregular bowel movement, Spicy or fried foods, ovulation 

Chin: Hormonal & Gynaecological issues, Kidney imbalance, touching face

Please contact your health care practitioner to discuss your concerns and how to properly address them. 

2. Is your skin inflamed, red and itchy? 

Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne, and Eczema can all be aggravated by internal factors. Although not always 100% treatable with strictly internal solutions, looking inside and at your diet and lifestyle will assist with the repairing process. 

Rosacea and Acne can be triggered by a poor diet. This may be conscious or unconscious (allergies or sensitivities to food). Acne may flare up due to High sugar and refined carbohydrates, dairy and food thats contain iodine. Rosacea may flare from dairy, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Hives may show up when allergies are present.

Eczema may flare when food allergies (and other topical allergies are present). It is important to stick to a candita-free, sugar-free diet and supplement with probiotics, zinc and essential fatty acids (GLA/Borage oil). 

Psoriasis is a result of the overproduction of skin cells. Internally, psoriasis can be assisted with a dairy and gluten free diet and supplements such as ashwagandha, fish oil, churchmen, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc. 

Please contact your health care practitioner to discuss your concerns and how to properly address them. 

3. Dull & Dry Skin?

Our skin is meant to show us what is happening internally, so when out skin seems dull, colourless an dry, we may need to pick ourselves up in some areas.

Drink more water: A Dehydrated body means dehydrated skin. More water will help to bring the lustre back into your largest organ.

Eat healthy fats: Fats like avocado, flax oil, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, salmon, tuna and hemp seeds will provide essential fatty acids to help maintain moisture in your skin and aid to flush out toxins.

Prevention over aid: Avoiding drying foods and liquids such as coffee, soda and caffeinated teas, alcohol, excess salt and sugar will prevent your skin from dehydrating and drying. Its always important to prevent rather than aid once the problem is already present.  

Please contact your health care practitioner to discuss your concerns and how to properly address them. 

4. Lacklustre? 

Missing that glow, sparkle or light in your skin? Remember that quote "in darkness there is always light", well its pretty true. Fresh, glowing skin can be obtained from eating rich, dark leafy greens and dark orange and red veggiesSquash, sweet potatoes and spinach are full of the antioxidant beta-carotene which may also decrease your skins sensitivity to the sun, which means you can spend less time in the dark, and more in the light. 

Please contact your health care practitioner to discuss your concerns and how to properly address them.