How to build foundation naturally

Want flawless makeup coverage without having to compromise your skins health?



I met up with creator of Sweet Leilani - Miss Leilani herself to discuss her brand and check out her gorgeous cosmetic lounge.

Sweet Leilani began from a desire to help women, men and children who were suffering from the effects of Cancer, burns and scarring. Leilani helps by providing safe cosmetics that are powerful enough to cover burns, pigmentation and scars and paramedical tattoo procedures. 

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Today was the perfect day to test out the power of Sweet LeiLani Face Line...

I woke up feeling less confident than normal. My skin has been acting up, breaking out and looking a little more dull than usual.

I always take these skin imperfections as a sign. "Jacqueline get more sleep, Don't stress yourself out, Get more exercise"  

Going to bed too late during the holidays, trying to push through a few body injuries and creating un necessary stress has been very much a part of my life recently. My overall skin health relies on 4 things:

  1. My Diet & Supplement intake: I eat a healthy vegetarian diet (with cheats of course..I still love to indulge) and I take Lorna Vanderhaeghe supplements daily, along with fish oils and bee pollen.

  2. Exercise & Fresh Air: staying active is very important. Sweating will release unwanted toxins from your body, but spending everyday inside can be confining. It is so important for your skin and your mind to get fresh air and connect with nature.

  3. Skin care routine: Practicing a daily skin care routine is key to keeping your skin healthy. I stay away from harmful, pore clogging or "faux" ingredients in my skin care. I love products rich in vegetable oils.

  4. Your mind: I feel and look best when my mind is clear. Your thoughts are what create your reality. A mind that is stressed = skin that shows stress.

P.S...all photos are Raw and untouched. 


This moisturizer is actually thick and...moisturizing. The tint is very pigmented! Not many tints like this out there. 


When I first applied this product I laughed at how gorgeous it felt, then laughed at how flawless it looked...good things make me laugh 


Need full coverage? This is your go to. I applied this as a concealer since the liquid foundation already did the trick for me. 


A final touch of powder, highlight and contour. These powders are super diverse and super pigmented & powdery.