Is the birth control pill bad for your health?

Tossing my birth control pills in the garbage was the beginning of my adventure to clear skin.Ironically, I started taking the pill to clear up my skin. I am happy to inform you that this is where my story eventually takes a turn for the better, and you will start learning my secrets to clear, acne free skin. First lets talk about  the birth control pill:

If you are taking the birth control to clear up your skin or help with painful PMS symptoms I beg you to reconsider, although for some, the clear skin achieved from using this form of contraceptive is just a positive side affect. Acne is caused by your bodies reaction to the internal problems it is having, and can be the result of stress, thyroid problems, colon, lymph or liver toxicity or hormone imbalance. Unfortunately the birth control pill will not fix any of these problems, but merely cover them up temporarily. On top of that, there are many risks to taking a birth control pill such as:

  • increased risk of cervical cancer

  • migraines

  • blood clots and

  • high blood pressure.

These are side effects that you hear about in so many commercials, or on the giant unfold able pamphlet that comes with your pills but do you ever pay attention, or take the time to read about them?

For me, my 5 year adventure on birth control turned my hormones into what looked similar to a 2 year old drawing of the universe, messy and all over the place.

Once I quit using the birth control pill I figured my skin would just bounce back to normal, but I was SO wrong. My hormones had no clue what I was doing to them, they were spastic.  I needed an extra large dose of hormone balancing, but i didn't know where to get a hit. 

Using prescription pills has its risks. I encourage you to think before putting your body through hormone hell just for the benefit of clear skin. Its time to start treating your body with respect, and this is why I say "Girl, its time to say goodbye to the pill".  

This week I will talk about how I balanced out my hormones after taking the birth control pill out of my daily routine. In the meantime, you may be curious about how to remove the "hormone" out of your birth control, as it is still very important to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are many safe and healthy ways to do this. Take a peek at this article from SexualityandU about Non-Hormonal Birth Control Methods. 

* Remember to speak with your doctor before you make any switches to your medication. This is my opinion, and I am not a doctor - merely a girl sharing my opinion, my trials and successes.