How a change in perspective can shift your daily routine

Back to Ritual

September 1st... its that time of year again, and not just for those going back to school. 

No matter how long we have been removed from the clockworks of the school year, September seems to pull us out of our summer haze and plop us back into a routine. This year I am saying "NO". It's not because the transition from summer to fall is now just a ticking time bomb until next spring (although I admit I am feeling a little summertime sadness right about now) It is because I actually hate hearing the word routine.


[roo-teen] customary or regular course of procedure, commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or atspecified intervals; typical or everyday activity:

customary, regular, common...this dosnt sound like you does it?


[rich-oo-uh l] an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite.

Of the nature of or practiced as a rite or ritual:

for some a religious practice, a rite: a ceremonial or celebratory act. To me a ritual may not necessarily be a rite, but a right. A right to practice what you wish freely, a right to observe your every task as a celebration...of life, and a right to form your customs in accordance to your thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle. 

So now you choose: Back to routine, or back to ritual?