How I turned my acne clear skin.

Acne; as a teenager this word did not exist in my life. I was blessed with clear, even skin; the kind my aunt would pinch and talk about for 5 minutes every time I saw her. I admit, I was lucky. I made it through middle school and high school without a breakout of more than 3 pimples (which I would usually blame on dance makeup). I also managed to make it through college acne free, which was surprising to me considering how much stage makeup and prosthetic glue was applied to my face during makeup school. This was also the year I consumed a lot of crap food, and was absorbed in a lazy relationship. It was not until my 20's when the acne decided to make a presence in my life. But lets rewind 4 years....

Lets start this story from the beginning. I like to call this "The Dark Ages: when all hell broke loose". Bless my parents.

Chapter 1: I  was 16 years old when my doctor slapped a pack of birth control in my hand to help with my excruciating monthly cramps...16 year old's do not know the term "suck it up". Unfortunately for my parents the house now had not 1, but 2 (enters older sister) dramatic teenagers pumped up with hormone packed birth control could only imagine the terror. I continued taking the pill throughout high school and I developed a slightly crazier than normal attitude. But my cramps went away.

Okay...I know I'm a little wacko, but looking back now, I had no clue how out of whack my body was until I was off the pill. Its like looking through a mirror from the other side, or finally realizing {queue diva voice}  "how did I ever date him, what was I thinking?".

After years of frolicking through daisies with my pinch worthy skin I finally developed acne at the age of 20 (I know..I somehow deserved it). I ran as fast as I could to my doctors office. "WHAT IS HAPPENING" I cried "Something has taken over my body. This is not supposed to happen to me". A little dramatic for the situation? yes, BUT at the time it was a hard to deal with. As most doctors do, mine had a "brilliant" solution. "Try this birth control, Diane 35, It will clear up your acne in no time" said my doctor; ironically my birth control and skin complimenting aunt shared the same name. I grabbed as many sample packs as I could and started the popping process. Within 2 months on the pill I had my flawless skin back, I was ready to strut my stuff and show off my glowing skin. The pill made me grumpier, more tired and extra emotional, but my skin looked great. 

At 21 I was ready for a new life, to be wild and free, so naturally I packed up my bags and moved to New York City. I was warned about the humidity, but no one could have described the amount of sweat that would pour down my back, forehead, and cleavage while waiting to catch a subway. I couldn't wear makeup during the day because i would sweat it off by 11am. Life in NYC was magical, but my acne came back, worse than ever. It could have been the change of weather, the stress of living alone in a big city, it's still a mystery to me. Since I couldn't keep makeup on my face, I had no way of covering my acne, I was horrified. The acne took over my life. I was constantly concerned about the way I looked, and if people were staring at my acne. 

It was not until I personally experienced acne that I realized what everyone was going through, what It really felt like to have no control over the situation. I tried everything, although I was not willing to slap any "Proactive" crap on my face. I wanted to clear up my face it the most natural way possible. I sat and thought about the situation, and decided it was going to take a lot more than a few creams and a tube of tooth paste, it was going to take a lifestyle change.

I grabbed my last 3 packs of Diane 35 and chucked them in the garbage and never looked back...until I had to tie up the bag and take the trash to the curb...then I never looked back! 

Can you see yourself in any aspect of my story? If so stick around all of April. I will be diving deeper into this story and discussing my skin breakthrough. Opening up about how I turned this tale of a tragedy into a true success story.